PSALM 104:34

May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another full day

The last post was about 20 minutes before we went to bed last night.  We were worried about the cold, but we were confident that the wind had died down.  Well, we were worried about the wrong problem.  Our preparation with the heater and the insulation under the bed kept the camper nice and toasty all night...but the wind was another story.  In a Colorado valley, you can hear the wind gusts coming way before they get to you.  It sounds like you're parked next to a hiway and semis are flying past.  You hear it coming and you brace, and then the camper shakes like its going to blow right over.  The wind wasn't bad all night, but it did wake us up several times.  Really, we were fairly comfortable and not that scared, just worried that the camper was going to get really torn up.  So, we were happy to see the forecast that the wind was not supposed to be bad tonight...

...until after all our adventures today.  We were pulling into our campsite, about the pop the camper up and start grilling when the radio announced that the wind gusts tonight were supposed to be 40 mph.  :< Right then and there we decided that we did not want to sleep another night in our "kite."  We went to the office and asked if we could upgrade to one of the cabins on site, we were going to pay the difference just for the night, because "the wind is GOING to die down tomorrow!"  But when we went in and explained our situation, they felt sorry for us and upgraded our reservation for free!!  So tonight, we are in this awesome cabin, safe from the wind and cold, with our own personal bathroom and even cable.  :)  God is good and provides for His children.  Tomorrow we are going to move back to the camper because it really is fun!  But tonight I'm happily sitting on a comfy couch while blogging.

So, today in pictures:

Breakfast this morning, bacon, eggs, coffee, and grapefruit juice.  Mmmmm!

These were shot at the Alluvial Fan in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We climbed up the boulders almost to the top and enjoyed basking in the sun.

Elk crossing the road in front of our truck.

Such gorgeous scenery.

The next 3 pictures are from our hike around Bear Lake.  We drove up to the trail head and the ranger informed us that getting 2/3 of the way around the 3/4 mile loop wasn't too bad, but after that it would be "dicy."  This is what she meant:  A foot of packed snow on the trail!  We had to be careful not to slide into the lake!  It was really exciting and fun.

This is my foot, I was trying to show how deep this foot print was, but I wasnt terribly successful.  It was literally 2 feet deep.  I hope somebody didn't hurt themselves by making it!

So today was exciting and fun.  We are tired and again, and very glad for the generosity of the campground manager at Spruce Lake campground in Estes Park.  If you ever visit, stay here!  We don't have to battle the wind, and we are in this beautiful cabin.  Allen cooked us steak on the grill for dinner and said it was probably the most dangerous steak he'd ever cooked in his life.  Haha!  Its the wind!  Its so crazy.  We put the grill between two cabins so that it would be a little sheltered, but we were still worried.  In the end though, the steaks were amazing and he put the coals out with water after he was done so that we made sure not to catch anything on fire.  

Good night all!  Safe sleeping!  We are watching all of our friends and family in the path of storms and tornados and praying that you are safe.  More tomorrow.  

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