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May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Sullivan Household

I feel like we're finally getting back to normal after all the snow and holidays!  People have been asking me to post pictures of the house, and even though I feel like its FAR from being done, I decided it was time. So forgive the messes and unfinished projects!

So, this is the kitchen.  When we moved in there were no appliances and it was blood red.  We painted the popcorn ceiling, yes messy, and coated the wall a couple times with Kilz and my nice "frosted grape" green before we were satisfied.  Its a relaxing colore that I LOVE!

The dining room met with tragedy as the table fell off the back of the truck and skidded down the road during our move.  But, I rescued it by making my own table cloth! Its a work in progress, as 3 edges of the table cloth still have pins in the hem.  Haven't quite had the time to finish that off.  You may want to be careful sitting at our table!  We also plan to get some blinds for the windows soon.  Finally, notice the plants, you can't really see much of our split leafed philedandrum.  We've had it since we got married, and it came from Allen's mom who has had it as long as he can remember.  The other two are also family heirlooms, the geranium recently given to be by my aunt, was my great grandmothers.  And, the aloe vera was a gift from Allen's great Aunt Elle.  

Transition from kitchen/dining room to living room.  This is a piece of art Allen made in college.  Its the Lord's Prayer in Latin.

Living room with fireplace! Our newest edition!  I LOVE IT!  We are just waiting on the mantle.  It should be installed sometime this week.  Also, Allen took some mahogany he had collected (or rather found in my parent's attic ;) to a furniture shop and they are making us a beautiful TV/stereo cabinet.  That's supposed to be done sometime this month.  Finally, you can see that the carpet is kind of flipped up by the stove.  We basically just need to have a carpet guy come in and do a bunch of finishing and detail work.  

Living room with our NEW rug!  Which we love.  The couch is old, and a little small for the room.  We plan on getting a big comfy sectional.  The large piece of art we have hauled around with us since college. A friend of Allen's who still makes and sells art traded him for some canvas frames.  The one on the left is of the Colloseum.  Allen made it after we went to Rome.
Living room from the opposite dirrection.  I love my window from the kitchen into the living room.

Hallway!  I'm slowly working on painting it.  You can't really tell, but I've painted the left wall.  It was kind of gross when we moved in, with handprints and dirt. :P  Looking much better now!  And again, we love our art!

Bathroom, with new shower curtain and rug.  Its small, but the larger master bath is unusable at the moment.  Its definitely one of our bigger projects.  So, we like that we have this one.  

Guest bedroom, this is where you'll stay if you come.  So come visit!  I just painting the walls "almost aqua."  You can tell I'm not quite done if you look closely in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  Also, you can see the picture that Rachel just painted us the other day. <3
Bedroom.  I love our bedspread.  And yes, those are dinosaurs in the window.  They are Allen's favorite toys from childhood and we found them the other day while we were decorating for Christmas.  I tied a red bow on one and put it there, so its been there ever since.

View out my back window.  I love it.  We are high up on a hill and I sometimes feel like we're in a treehouse.  

We are happy home owners!  I'll try to post updates as we do more work.  There are several other rooms that I didn't post...there's a lot of work left to be done!  

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