PSALM 104:34

May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Real Camping...popup style

Day two of our adventure and its has been eventful.  I was just looking back over the pictures and I can't believe we got it all done in one day!  We arrived in Estes Park tonight to guess what???



SNOW!!!  Well, not really so much snow as just spitting sleet.  Really it was about 55 degrees when we got here, but the snow caps on the mountains looked like they were covered in a blizzard.  And, the blizzard was then whipping down the mountains with winds gusting at least 30 miles per hour.  So, we did not put our camper up.  We decided to wait it out, since this lady at the front desk of our site informed us that it was supposed to stop and be calm by 9 PM.  We went to dinner at an Italian place in town.  It was really yummy, but we were a little dissapointed because we had stopped outside Denver and loaded up on grilling ingredients.  Maybe tomorrow we'll have better luck with less wind around dinner time.

As for the morning and the rest of our day, we were happy with our decision to get a hotel room last night after listening to the radio announcer talk about how bad the storm was.  When a local radio guy in the middle of Kansas says a storm is bad, you know its true!  This morning, we got up after a nice restful night's sleep and found a roadside steakhouse about an hour into our drive.  It was good!

Tonight we finally did set up the camper at about 8:30 and we are doing alright with the wind.  There is a rare gust that rocks us a little, but nothing like last night.  Our only issue is possibly getting cold.  Its supposed to be 34 tonight, but we have a space heater and we've rigged the curtains up so that our bed is like a little cave that the heater is blowing directly into.  We also increased our insulation under the bed by using the seat cushions.  We've been watching Bear Grylls, we know our survival techniques! ;) Its really very warm at the moment and we know its already cold outside because we went for a walk.  I might take a picture of our ingeniousness tomorrow to show you exactly what we did, but for tonight I'm sleepy.  Enjoy the pictures of our gorgeous drive and campsite!  More tomorrow.


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