PSALM 104:34

May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It was going to be a lazy day

Today we decided to take it a little more laid back and be lazy. We woke up pretty late, ate cold pizza leftover from last night, and popped the trailer down because it was supposed to be stormy this afternoon.  By the time we got around and ready it was close to noon.  Down the road, is an aerial tramway that you can ride to the top of Prospect Mountain, some 1100 vertical feet.  We decided to get tickets and see what was at the top, maybe even take an easy hike back down the mountain after riding up.  It was pretty windy when we started and I was a little nervous at the height of the tram cars, and the fact that it has been in operation since 1955!  But signs assured us that at least 3 million people have been carried up and back down, so we climbed in and began our ascent.

The ride really wasn't too scary, and again the views were spectacular.  The picture of the valley includes our campsite.  We brought binoculars and could clearly see our little camper all popped down and nestled in its place away from the wind.

So, once we arrived at the top and took in the view, we discussed what to do next.  We decided it would be fun to hike back down the mountain and went to the little gift shop at the top to ask about a trail.  The lady selling popcorn and hotdogs informed us that there wasn't one, and that it would be very steep, but we might be able to climb down if we switched back and forth.

So... We did it!

And OH MY it was STEEP!!  

Actually, about 2/3 of the way down we did find a trail, but until that point we were picking our way down step by careful step.

So, things I learned climbing down a mountain without a hiking trail.

1.  Dead limbs, twigs, logs...are NOT good handholds.  You better find something alive.
2.  Rock does not slide nearly as much as the dirt/pine needle combination that covers a lot of the forest floor.
3.  Its really much safer to find an actual trail to climb down a mountain, but probably not as exciting.

Oh, did I mention we climbed down this non-trail in moccasins?  Yes, we both have hiking boots and hiking sandals, but we left those back in the truck.  We were taking it easy today, remember?  I have to say though, the moccasins did make me feel very Native American as we felt our way down.

We do have a few scrapes, I slid about a foot at one point and scraped my hand, I also have a scrape on my ankle from who knows what?  Allen has a small gash on the back of his leg from one of the dead logs that were no help whatsoever as handholds, but quite willing to bite you as you climbed over the top.  But, again, as with Deer Mountain, we DID it!! 


After Prospect Mountain, we were hungry and drove to Loveland, CO for lunch.  The drive is about 40 minutes through Big Thompson Canyon which is worth it, in and of its self, because it's breathtaking, but in Loveland we also went FleaMarketing!!  Yay!  One of our favorite pastimes.  Allen bought a Native American pinch pot to show his students, and I got a dreamcatcher.  We spent the whole afternoon rummaging through shop after shop, then collapsed at Cracker Barrel for dinner.  

We're finally back in the camper after another long day.  In Loveland we stopped at Walmart for supplies, and got some keylime pie Greek yogurt.  Yum!  

No telling what adventures will come tomorrow, we leave Estes Wednesday morning and haven't even decided on our next destination.  But, I'll keep you updated!

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