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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Favorite

I've been considering what to post about for my next adventure and decided that Pepsi deserves a big spot in the blog.  Especially since she has such a big spot in our lives.  Pepsi was born in the country out past War Eagle Mill.  Allen and I found her on the internet and took Rachel with us to pick her up.  I insisted that we were just going to "LOOK" at her, but the wriggly little rag won my heart and before I knew it...the little mess was riding home in my lap.

(She looks precious in this picture like she's cuddling with daddy...but really he has her in a headlock -gently of course- to keep her out of trouble for a second)

She was crazy when we picked her up and sometimes she still is.  
(For a while she became fascinated with hangers, and one day I turned around to find this ;)

But now: a lot of the time she is chill and just hangs around with us
(This is her "elf" ear look.)

Everybody always asks why we named her Pepsi...really there is not a great reason.  We were drinking Pepsi on the way home from picking her up and her "pep" and vivaciousness just seemed to fit with the name.  Rachel will tell you we almost named her Delilah.  We did, but I'm glad we didn't.  It was a consideration, but I think Pepsi was a good choice.  

Since we brought her home in fall of 2008, our lives have changed a lot.  We moved from Rogers, Arkansas to Bloomington, Indiana and I went from an optician working 40 hours a week to a full time student.  Allen left his substituting in Arkansas and took a full time job at Wal-Mart.  She has been with us through leaving our homes and making a new one, she greets us at the door every time one of us comes home, she has helped us in making new friends, and she is a part of our family that we love very much.  

Who could be homesick or sad for long with such an enthusiastic adventure partner?
And who wouldn't love the heavy snows when a part of your family adores it as the most amazing time of the year?

She actually is hilarious in deep snow because her legs are so short!  If it gets above a foot, she basically has to antelope hop from place to place.  But, she's delighted with this mode of transportation and can't wait to do it again this year.   She's a cold weather dog for sure.

She's also an amazing swimmer and loved a camping trip we made with our friends Brandon and Sally

She loves Allen and I very much and you should see the racket she makes especially when she hears Allen's car pull into the parking lot.  I always know that he is home way before he opens the door because she starts whining and expectantly watching for him to come in.

She has grown up to be a good dog and a good friend.  She'll ride with you anywhere and go on any adventure.  

I wouldn't trade her for the world.  

Oh, and no matter what anybody tells you, she is NOT a girly-girl!  She hates this picture of a bow in her hair and definitely refused to keep it in for more than 20 seconds.  But mom thinks it is hilarious. ;)

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  1. awe. I love me some Pepsi! She is sure special! :D