PSALM 104:34

May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Somewhere in the Middle

It is strange to live in a place that you consider home, but another place, 536 miles away is also home.  It always will be.  Every time Allen and I drive West, toward Arkansas, we "go home."  But, when I get to the turn off on highway 37, that is just a couple miles from my apartment in Bloomington, that's home too.

In the middle of our traveling summer, we reached "home."  The place where we will always be the daughter of Anita and Jeff, and the son of Terry and Laura.  It seems we never have enough time in this home any more.  We frantically run from house to house, trying to catch up on friendships stretched by time and distance.

My niece and nephew, Josh and Annabeth are always on the top of the list.  They love visits from their "Bubba and Mary," and we love their attention just as much as they love ours.

 Who wouldn't love the attention of a princess and a superboy?

The night of the 3rd, we were in Rogers.  Back from our trip and trying to enjoy our last 2 days before driving north to Bloomington.  We spent the evening with the Josh and Annabeth as well as Anna and Ben.  Anna came from Oklahoma City to see us, and Ben had the night off from work.  Everyone else in my family was in Indianapolis on a Mission trip (which I will talk about later).  We watched the Rogers fireworks and laughed as Josh quickly made fast friends with Anna.  He invited her to his house and everything.  He's really quite the charmer.

 Eurie (Anna's dog) also had fun romping and playing with the kids.

After spending the evening watching the fireworks, we watched a movie with Anna and Ben and planned to drive to Berryville the next day to see more family and to watch another fireworks show.  But first, that morning, we had to see our best friends, John and Laura and their new addition: Norah
She is a beautiful baby and she liked me :)  
Allen did also did an excellent job of holding such a tiny little thing.  I can't wait till we get to the point in our lives where he can hold our own baby. :)

The evening of the 4th had a steak feast with my grandparents and watched the fireworks in Berryville.  It was a fun night and we were sad to leave, but the next morning, we set off.  Again, towards "home" and our continuing path of adventure.

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