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May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Children of Indy

Upon arriving back in Bloomington, I took a short, 24 hour break and then flew off again on another adventure.  

My family, mom, dad, John, Nate, and Rach, had been in Indianapolis for several days already.  They were with First Baptist Rogers, Arkansas holding Vacation Bible Schools for two different low-income apartment complexes in Indy.  Allen drove me to meet them Wednesday night late, and I was greeted by smiles and hugs.  The next day I rode with them and helped with the VBS at one neighborhood and I was really impressed by the First Baptist kids hard work.  And it was paying off!!  All in all, somewhere around 12 kids in the 2 neighborhoods understood the plan of salvation and accepted Jesus to be their Savior!  It was great to be just a small part of something that made such a difference.
Please join with me in continuing to pray for these kids.  Unfortunately, a lot of them do not have parents who are very involved in their lives and most of them don't have the privilege of being taken to church.  But, our God knows what He is doing and He knows the "very hairs" on those children's "head."  He can lead them in His way and protect them.

I was very happy that my brothers and sister were a part of this ministry and learning to serve the Lord with their talents.  
Rachel was on the Bible Lesson team and was actually in charge of teaching the lesson one day while I was there.  Here she is helping with check-in and just spending time getting to know the kids.

Nathan helped run every kid's favorite - the REC TIME!  The first day I was there was water day.  It was hilarious to see how happy it made those kids to douse each other.

John was in charge of the music.  This part of VBS was especially neat because the songs that were chosen laid out the plan of salvation so well and adults walking around the complex could hear them.  Each age group sang the songs over and over throughout the morning so it was like a continuous testimony in the middle of an Indianapolis apartment complex.

I wish I had video taped some of the action at VBS.  Its hard to describe the excitement of the kids and the love that was shown by FBC Rogers.  

I pray that the children who were affected by this ministry effort will continue to grow in faith and learn more about their Savior.  And that seeds that were planted in adults hearts will not be ignored, but will take root and grow into eternal fruit.

"For God love the world in THIS WAY, He GAVE His one and only son, so THAT any one, who believes in HIM should not PERISH by have ETERNAL LIFE!  Connecting with Faith, with love, with trust, with others with L. I. F. E!  Connecting with Faith, with love, with trust, with others with L. I. F. E!" -"Why Don't You?" song learned and hopefully remembered by at least 30 children.

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