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May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Westward Ho!

SO much has happened in the past two weeks...I will probably have to write several separate posts just to catch up.  But, I wanted to do a simple update just to let everyone know where and how we are.  You would think that where we are would not be that hard, our friends and family should have a general idea, right? But no, this is not necessarily true.  The last couple of weeks we have been back and forth all over the country!

Allen left Bloomington the third week of April and before he left, we packed.  We threw out or gave away a LOT of stuff.  This stuff sat out by our dumpster a total of maybe 20 minutes.  We threw out our old gigantically heavy tv too, but somebody picked that up before I got a chance to snap a shot.

After Allen left for Arkansas I spent a few days in a mostly empty apartment by myself with only Pepsi for company.  Then, I got tired of being alone and moved in with Darrel and Caitlin.  The night that I completely moved out of my apartment was a Wednesday and after church we somehow decided that just Caitlin and I would grab the rest of my stuff and move by ourselves over to their apartment. The mistake, however, soon became apparent when we remembered that we are both horrible packers...everything got shoved crazily into the back of the truck and the breakables and plants rode on Caitlin's lap.

Beautiful bride
Like I said, I moved in Wednesday, but did I stay long?  No.  Thursday night I took a final, Friday I worked my last day in clinic, and Friday night Caitlin, Darrel, and I headed out on an adventure bound for Springfield, MO and Rogers, AR.  We didn't leave Bloomington till about 6:30 and made it to friend's house in Springfield around 2:30AM.  We were blessed with a beautiful rental car, paid for by friends, good company, and plenty of snacks...the drive was windy, but uneventful.  Caitlin had never seen the St. Louis Arch before and guess where we got stuck?  We couldn't have had a better view for a full 20 minutes...right on top of the Mississippi.  The wedding was gorgeous and spending the day with friends, priceless.  That whole story deserves its own post for sure.

After the wedding adventure and 20 hours of driving through the weekend, I had a test at 10AM Monday morning.  It was sad because I only was able to stay at the wedding reception for about 20 minutes, and we still didn't make it back to Bloomington until 3:00AM, but all the running around was worth it.  The test Monday morning was passed and so was Wednesday's.

Thursday I drove by myself through beautiful Illinois and Iowa on the way to Nebraska.  Some people might have hated an 11 hour drive alone, but I kind of liked it.  Yes, it got a little boring at times, but I had the radio and the amazing countryside to entertain me.  And, I could think.

Nebraska itself has been exciting.  I haven't seen the infamous "shooting gallery," but Allen got lost right when he first got into the city Thursday night and is pretty sure he saw it. ;) We didn't have a place to live until we finally found something suitable about 2:00PM yesterday.  I had a few moments of panic because Warren Buffet is apparently in town and every hotel for miles and miles is booked.  But, as always God came through and protected and guided His children.  We found an apartment that is about an 8 minute drive from both mine and Allen's work, nice and clean, pet friendly, and agreeable to month by month leasing.  Omaha is easy to navigate, we haven't even come close to getting lost.  It is gigantically huge, but the small pockets are easy.  Our apartment is on the corner of a busy highway and there are about 10 restaurants across the street.  I may never cook again!  Last night, we slept well, and quietly.  Allen started his first day at a new Wal-Mart this morning and I returned to a grocery store that we found yesterday named Hyvee.  We found it because we needed to connect to the internet and Allen was hungry.  They have amazing breakfasts (eggs, sausage, delicious hashbrowns!) and when I walked in this morning and a bunch of old men were sitting around drinking coffee, I immediately felt at home.  I think we are going to be happy here, and to tell you the truth, we'll be sad to leave.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are happy where you are, even though it won't be long. ;) It is just good to know that it feels like home for you. :)
    I'm so sorry that I didn't return your call during that LONG drive! Things were crazy here, but I guess I will need to tell you all of that another time. ;)
    When do you start working?