PSALM 104:34

May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Memorial

My house is quiet this morning, but it wasn't about an hour ago.  7/9ths of my beautiful family gathered in our 1 bedroom apartment this weekend to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the long weekend.  When Allen and I found out we were moving to Omaha for only 3 months, we made the decision to leave most of our furniture in Arkansas.  So, there's no couch, no beds, only a wooden rocking chair, a lawn chair and a stool for seating.  But we made do and had fun!

We just stacked beds on top of each other. ;)  Haha! Not really, Rachel was just being silly.  It does make a funny picture though.  

On Saturday we took a trip to the zoo.  

I loved everything but the orangutans are always funny.  This time they were hot and there was one hanging upside down like a bat in front of an air vent.  We stood and laughed at them for a long time.  

We also watched The Arctic in the IMAX and LOVED the aquarium.  

The butterfly house was our last stop, but I think it was my favorite.  Beautiful colors float around you and sip sugar from fruit.  

Allen didn't make it to the zoo with us.  He had to work.  But, Sunday morning all seven of us prepared to spend a day exploring Omaha.  

For as long as I can remember, dad has been braiding mine and my sister's hair.  So, Sunday morning that's what he did.  Rachel wanted her's done so that her hair would curl, but mom and I wore ours all day.  Of course Sunday night and still this morning it is curly.  Too bad I don't have him around all the time.  

We drove downtown and shopped several antique malls and art galleries.  We are all lovers of junk and can only attempt to control our minor hoarding tendencies.  Allen and I bought two ceramic hand-made mugs from an artist, mom bought a bird picture that matches a set she collects, and John bought a vintage sweater.  

Rachel found a cat.  Yes, it's real.

Allen almost got eaten by a hippo.  No, it's not real.

And we enjoyed Jelly Belly pop outside Hollywood Candy.

We ate lunch at a hamburger place called Runza, which we have only ever seen in Nebraska.  

After lunch we explored the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.  It runs between Nebraska and Iowa over the Missouri river.  It is very pretty and VERY WINDY!

Allen and Rachel standing in Iowa and Nebraska at the same time.

Allen kept trying to get Rachel to look like the wind was blowing her away.  Which it about was!

We almost lost John.

After our bridge adventure we went back to our tiny abode and ate lasagna and corn on the cob that mom made on the floor. ;)  It was yummy!

A couple of hours ago now, mom, dad, John, Nate and Rache left.  Pepsi and I already miss them and I also missed the two that didn't get to come.  I hope to see Anna and Ben soon.  But I was REALLY happy the five who came made this weekend so fun and memorable.  I love them all!

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