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May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Weird Christmas :)

Weird Christmas, that's all that can be said.  1.  We were in Indiana.  Enough said.   2.  It was warm outside, warm enough that I didn't even need a jacket, no snow,  not even a cool breeze!  3.  Allen was VERY sick.

Christmas was weird, but wonderful in its own special way.

First, Christmas started on Christmas Eve when Josh and Annabeth (our niece and nephew in Arkansas woke up and Skyped with us to open their presents.  For them, Santa came on Christmas Eve, Eve.  (Sorry David ;)  It was really fun and they were really excited about their Arkansas Razorback stuff, make-up vanity, and Angry Birds gear.  We can't wait to really be with them next week!

On Christmas Day:

 Allen was sick with the stomach flu from Tuesday through Christmas and after waking up at 7:30 to open presents with my family in Arkansas over Skype,  Allen dragged his sick self to church and sat in the very back corner pew in case of emergencies.  Ironically, the pastor's 8 year old daughter soon joined us.  Apparently the stomach flu is rampant around here right now. We were the sick Christmas church circle.  Merry Christmas...blagh!  ;)  After the service we were thinking of just going home to wallow in Allen's sick misery, but Jackie and Len McDonald had invited us to their Christmas celebration and didn't care if we came sick because Calvin already had the same thing.

While everyone else enjoyed lasagna and alfredo, these two nibbled crackers and sipped Sprite.  It look very pretty and Christmas-y though, right?
Darrel, Len, and Ollie read the Christmas story, reminding us of the reason for the season.  I think this is the sweetest picture of three generations of family love.

Next came the wild child excitement of opening gifts.  These children are not related to us in any way besides love.  Their families have "love adopted" us as their own, and we love these kids like real nieces an nephews.  We were just so glad to watch any kids enjoy the crazy excitement of Christmas day gift opening.  

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day."  -Andy Rooney

These kids also made for me one of my favorite gifts so far this Christmas:

Mine is the purple cow.  Caitlin's was an angel.  Are they not adorable???   Pepsi even loved it.  She thinks its a dog toy because of the bell. ;)

After leaving the excitement and love of the McDonald family Christmas, Allen and I headed home to relax for a while.  We called our families and enjoyed talking with each of them.  My family was at my Gramma Lynch's house in Berryville and there was much creativity going on.  They made their own rendition of "Deck The Halls."  You HAVE to check it out on my Facebook page.  Its HILARIOUS!!!  David, Cheryll, Ben, Nate, and Grampa all participate!  I love it!

Allen also participated in a rendition of Jingle Bells which is now memorialized on YouTube: 

The night ended with a trip to Caitlin and Darrel McDonald's house.  We exchanged gifts, drank cocoa, Caitlin was awarded her "Chili badge" for a chili rating #1 in Allen's book, and we watched Mickey Christmas cartoons on YouTube.  Obviously, Allen was feeling better at this point to try Caitlin's chili.  It really is a great achievement to make something rating a 10 with him.  He'll eat anything, but he gives out high complements sparingly.  And she told me she couldn't cook 2 years ago.  Silly girl.

Today, Allen is feeling much better.  We still have Christmas in Arkansas later this week.  We are just celebrating a little late because that's when we get to do it. :)

Merry "weird" Christmas everybody.  It was awesome!!

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  1. I'm glad Allen is feeling better and I think the skype Christmas was a super cute idea! :D