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May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Time to Laugh...Behind the Scenes

So, why name the blog "A Time To Laugh?"  In fact, why start a blog at all, Mary?  

The blog's name was an epiphany that came during my drive home from school about a month ago.  I had been considering starting a blog so that I can keep friends and family caught up on our, oh so entertaining, life here in Bloomington...seriously, we constantly have crazy things happening!  Our lives are never dull.  But, even as I write that sentence, I wonder.  Are our lives truly never boring?  Or do we simply make a decision to enjoy whatever comes along and make the best of it?  I guess you, as the audience, can decide for yourselves.  

So, for the first entertaining story of the blog:

As a lot of you know and can testify, Allen and I tend to loose, break, somehow destroy a lot of our belongings.  It is an unfortunate fact and one that we probably should not be proud of :/ Maybe our Pastor should preach on stewardship?

Anyhow, I recently broke my favorite coffee mug of all time.  I found it at Goodwill.  It was a handmade, blue/green (my favorite color), mug with the word "Optiks" carved into the side.  "Optiks," you may say, why would Mary love (and be wasting our time) with a story about a misspelled word?  And, isn't this supposed to be funny?  This is terribly sad! 

So, the background behind the mug: you see, I am currently half-way done with optometry school and in optometry school, light, and how it behaves,  should be very important to the optometrist.  Unfortunately, I did not realize how important this subject was when I first entered school and made a 67% on my very first optometry school test (talk about freak-out!) - However, don't worry, I'm not failing :)  I quickly pulled it together, with the Lord's help, and have now successfully conquered 4 semesters of optics study.  

So, that's the background on the cup.  I loved it because it WAS misspelled.  It wasn't perfect, just like nothing in life is perfect, but it was important and it served its purpose well.

This is the sad part of the story.  The funny part comes next:

So, after completely demolishing my FAVORITE coffee cup, I started noticing that I was not missing only it, but every coffee cup I owned.  Allen and I had nothing to pour our coffee into at all!  I did not know what had happened to them, but I knew that I couldn't just go without that smooth, warm, incentive to get out of bed every morning....For a couple of mornings we resorted to just pouring our coffee into normal glass cups, but this did not work we because the cups were then too hot to hold.  We had to wrap the cups in paper towels and be very careful not to burn our fingers!  

So, fast-forward to last night.  We drove into the parking lot where Caitlin met us saying we had a present inside.  I was excited.  What would it be?  So we went in and Caitlin presented us with a coffee cup that I had bought Allen for Valentine's Day.  One of our coffee cups!!!  It was at church!  YAY!  

Suddenly, Allen was inspired, what if MORE of our coffee cups were at church!?!?  We quickly investigated, and low and behold! We found SEVEN of our cups!  They were in the church pantry! :)  We must have brought so that we could finish them in Sunday School and then we just left them there.  Hurrah for the coffee cups that once were lost, but are now found!  

So, that's the first story.  Like I said, we like to laugh at ourselves.  We think we are silly.  You can judge for yourselves.  Hopefully, there will be more to come.


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  1. LOL! I don't know if your blog will help or hurt your case as our baby boy's God parents! LOL You won't lose him or break him ever, promise? ;) I'm glad you found the coffee mugs at church, but maybe you should finish your coffee at home from now on?