PSALM 104:34

May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rock Climbing

As is obvious, I have not posted in quite a while.  After Christmas, life picked up its normal American fast pace as we visited family in Arkansas then rushed home so that I could go to a week long review for the boards test I will take in March, then start back to school the next Monday.  The test in March is one of the last giant hurdles on my way to becoming a doctor.  When I first moved to Bloomington and was about to begin optometry school, I thought of my life  like a roller coaster.  I had no idea what was around the bend, or when the bottom might just completely drop out from under me.  Now, as I am nearing the end of school, the scariness of the roller coaster has now been replaced with the feeling that I am attempting to scale a giant rock cliff.  Everytime I get to a new level area and rest a moment, I look up and see that there is so much more to go, but I can also look down and see the amazing heights that I am reaching.  I've learned a lot.  People (family) actually call me now and I feel that I can confidently talk to them about their eye problems.  But, this boards test in March feels like one of those parts of the cliff where the 90 degree face actually turns back and you're almost hanging upside down.  You have to pull yourself up and over the hump.  Its scary looking at what is to come, but at the same time, its getting exhilerating.  As long as I don't let go and end up plastered to the ground far below...I'm almost to the top.  Of course, once I get up there, only then will I know where the rest of my life will lead.  I assume from experience that I probably won't just be skipping through fields of daisies.  There will probably be a couple more roller coasters or rock cliffs that have to be conquered.  I'm just glad I'm getting close to the top of this one.

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